SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

How Can We?

Such a short distance beyond where we are and where we truly wish to be
If only we can open our eyes truly and love everyone so openly
Trust our life in the hands of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Ensures a lifetime filled without worries, without struggle
Life is what you make of it, felt bad or good
Life is who you choose to be, life can be misunderstood
Through God all is clear, and all can view
Through God, we love one another as much as God loves me and you
Say it to yourself bring these thoughts into your mind
How can you keep searching for happiness, when it need not be find
Happiness always within us, if we let it shine bright through
Happiness within the prayers and within the dreams our whole lives through
A sense of accomplishment filled with doubtful fears
How can we say we trust in Him if we live regretful years?

September 30,2008

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