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How Can You Do That

How can you do that
Play it with unfair and unjust
How can you do that and it breaks my heart
Because I'm not in your eyes
Although we had good times for so long
Your mood interferes my mind and I'm feeling painful when you're hurt
If it's really true
If you will leave me alone in silence and darkness
So why once you caught my fingers in your hands
stroke and stroke and stroke sweetly
I bet it's already forgotten in your warm love
and now you're going on
Let me loving you from afar and deep in my heart
I promis, It will never die, the desire is lasting
And it's your last resting place whenever you want
If it's my fate, only to love you from the very beginning and so painful
and my worthless tear
You are not going to take it and have a look
If it is true, I dare not appear in your love
How can you do that
Make me forgotten and thrown like a played cat
Have you seen a so lovely dog in her?
My eyes disgusted
Stupid wall winning the war!

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