How Can You Hate Me

Poem By James Waters

How can you hate me for the color of my skin?
Because I am short or tall or fat or thin
How can you hate me because of my race?
Do we not all have a human face?

How can you hate me because of the way that I speak?
Why do you call me names like dork or geek?
How can you hate me because I am not rich?
Because your father owns a corporation and mine digs a ditch?

How can you hate me for whom I choose to love?
My life was given to me, from the master above
How can you hate me for my political choice?
Is it not my right to give my opinion a voice?

How can you hate me for hating the evil I see?
I simply want our country to be all it can be
The home of the honest, the brave, and the true
Is that so different from the desires held by you?

Are we not brothers you and I?
Do we not both feel anger and cry?
Do we not both have families we love?
Do we not both pray to our God up above?

Where is the difference between you and I?
Is not the hate in fact a lie?
Are you following your heart or does society speak for you?
Or are you listening to a bigot’s point of view

Love or hate by your own design
Let you own heart draw the line
Never pre-judge that which you do not know
For friends or enemies are the seeds we sow

Comments about How Can You Hate Me

I love you for your good heart! You are a rare soul and I so truly appreciate this poem that you have written. I have had these same thoughts all my life and cannot understand my own human race for their views and hates sometimes. The only way I can forgive them is to think that they are fearful. Many are plain selfish though and many are so lazy minded that I think it is easier for them to lump everybody into categories if you see what I mean? Who knows? Perhaps they have had bad experience or bad upbringings or both.....still questioning but I'm so tired now. I'm getting old you know. Ruth
Wow.... inspiring and so true. That last stanza is what really got me, hook line and sinker. You are an amazing writer.
Brilliant poem. When will we all learn to communicate? Your poem is a good place to start. Thanks.

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