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How Can You Judge?
RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

How Can You Judge?

Poem By Rhonda Davis

Here I stand with my hat in my hand looking like a proverbial fool again.
Egg dripping from my face runs down on this jester's vest of shame.
The hidden wound bleeds internally for I would never let you see the hurt.
It would be to great a sacrifice for you to see the being inside.
You took away my blood of life, the small enjoyment that I have.
How can you stand there going against the world and expect me to conform?
Am I that different from you?
Like the lady says*: 'Cut me, and I'll bleed the same blood'.
Where do you get off telling anyone else what to do?
You have never followed a rule in your life!
And here is that damn rulebook again slammed into my face by those who write their own!
Well, my dear you can burn that damn thing now and get it out of my face! ! !
*(Melissa Etheridge 'Your little secret'1996) .

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