AS (December 23,1992 / Tennessee)

How Could He?

It started out okay
He said he loved me
But did he mean it?
Did he?

He said he would never cheat
He said he would never lie
He said he’s do anything for me
Even if he had to die

But he always seemed so sad
Almost like the world was coming to an end
He tried to be happy
But he was playing pretend

He started to yell at me
Saying words he “didn’t” mean
Then he started becoming
Very quite obscene

It was like he had changed
From a beauty to a beast
And all the things he did to me
Never really ceased

I did what was right
And I ended it right then
I promised myself to never go back
Ever again

But I still couldn’t get over the pain
Of all the things he had done
It didn’t seem like anyway could take it away
Not even one

But God took it away
And opened my eyes
Now I won’t shed a tear for you
Because God’s made me wise

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Ash, this poem is beautiful.what is it about? XXXXX madi<333