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How Could I Hide?
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

How Could I Hide?

There is no escape
Always creeping, always following always there
Always here, there is nowhere to go
Nowhere to run to
Nowhere to stay far from
No distance great enough
No wall strong enough
Never enough

How can you hide
From what is inside
How is that you could distance yourself from that who is in you
That who is you
How is that you could just not be the you who you are
How is it I could not be me
No matter what I do he's there he's in me he is me
How could I not be the sum of my mistakes?
How can You tell me that I'm more
How could I not be something to abhor
I cannot run from who I am, how is that not tied to what I did
What I do doesn't that become me? Do I become that?
My mind tells me that's wrong, my heart is evil, but it knows You
The part of me that does know You says You can erase it all
But I don't feel it, I'm sorry, I often don't, I feel like me
And to me that is the greatest torture to be me
Because the me that I think that I am is someone who I could never
Bear to live as, never, not ever
Instead of believing you I just ask How can I hide?
Can I hide from what's inside?
Can I cease to be me
Can I escape the mistakes
Can I escape the thoughts
Can I escape the identity
Can I escape from me

There is nowhere to run, nowhere I've gone
Nowhere I feel I can go
Will be far enough from me to escape me
Nothing in my mind feels sufficient to conquer me
I cannot divorce myself from what I believe makes me who I am
How could it not rule me, the evil thoughts I have thought
Are not just thoughts in the past, they're thoughts that last
They're thoughts I still think, how is there freedom from that evil
How is their cleansing from that sin
Truly without You there is no hope and I cannot win
But even with all You say about me I don't know how to change
Can I change my idea of me?
Can I come int my new identity?
Can I really escape when I cannot run?
I must fight against him
Show me Your love
Help me please
Cleanse me from 'me'
So that I can be me

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