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How Could I Leave You?

How could I leave you?
Lost and bereft,
Let’s not talk about dying,
Just say that I left,
We met on a journey,
Such fine company,
Let’s not talk about dying,
You just set me free.

Each life has a meaning,
With purpose each day,
I’m glad it was you,
That I met on the way,
The time spent together,
No second was lost,
My love, I gave freely,
No counting the cost.

My journey is ending,
But in you I live on,
And I’ll be by your side,
As you greet each new dawn,
My mission accomplished,
My journey complete,
Let’s not talk about death,
When the living is sweet.

Don’t dwell on your anger,
Your fear and your pain,
The night may be dark,
But the light comes again,
In love and in laughter,
This chapter should end,
What more could I ask?
Of you, my dear friend.

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