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How Could I Tell You?
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

How Could I Tell You?

How could I tell you that this time
This rhyme
Is written just for you
When there are so many before too
About otehr girls or past love or deep scarred hurt
How can I assert
That my poetry is for you and still make it sincere
When you aren't the first one I've called my dear
Does each time I love scar my heart more?
Or will the next time give me hope like before?
I'm not sure what or who to hope for anymore
Because I don't think I'm fit for you
I've told so many others that I love them too...
Maybe only rhough poetry
But still can't you see?
It'd be hypocritical to profess
That you're my only one
So I must confess
I don't know how to say you''re my love, alas I am undone
How could I tell you how much I carre
This I do not dare
When so many others have been in my heart
It's like they each have a part
But I want to give it all to you!
But haven't I said this to each girl too...

I might say you're special, but if things don't work out...
I'll fall in love with another no doubt
But is that even so wrong?
Isn't it part of life to move on?
And yet I cna't live like it is because I just want to love
One, pure as a dove
I feel as if it's too late to attain such a lofty goal
I wish I could give yo my heart whole
But who's to say anyy of this carrries weight?
When I'm in this angry and confused state
I don't know if you lvoe more or if I want you to...
I jut want what's best for you.
But I don't knwo how to accept the truth, if it's not me
I guess I'm just selfish so go find another he...
I'm, far too selfish and uncontrolled with my love to love you
So do I tell you that or just let you go?
How could I tell you I wrote this just for you
I pray
That one day
You'll be the 'you'
That I always talk to
But in the end I jut want what's best
Even if it means I havbee to fade away, just like all the rest
But maybe then I'll never have to tell you how
This peom is jut for you... but then again
My feelings live immortal with this ink, they'll never forget you

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Langston Hughes


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