Taking Pills

I swallowed the pills
As they soon dissolved, easing my pain.
Erasing the past and blocking the future
Taking me on a trip of happiness and joy.

Dosed, on what feels like magic
Yet I'm blinded of what may come.
I feel like I'm flying; like a bird in the sky.
I guess this is how it feels, to be overly high.

Hour's have past but it feels like just minutes
I'm hungry and tired,
I think I‘ve reached my limit.
My mother is yelling,
The cops she's telling.

So away I go, for thirty days
Planned my death, at least 100 different ways.
But soon I'll be out
I'll change; theirs no doubt.

I've been off the pills for a few weeks
But I've started the powder,
If I don't have any I'll freak,
But I'll die in an hour.

by Seth Argon

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I know how you feel great poem 10/10 yet again