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How Could You?

Once again you leave me here with nothing to do but cry,
And once again I fell for it, and only ask myself why?
How could you just leave me and go to another girl?
When you say that you love me and to you I mean the world.
The thing that kills me the most is after a year I can only see it now.
You can't have ONE relationship and you can't follow through with your vows.
I dont see how I could be so dumb as to fall for your words that meant nothing at all,
But for some reason I fell in love with you,
Your words made me feel so tall.
I should have seen it from my very own eyes,
That you're gentle touch and sweet words were really nothing but lies.
The truth came out before, But I failed to believe it cause I was in love,
But now I see the truth, It really wasn't me you think of.
It's not me you think of before you go to bed,
And when sad sweet love songs were playing, It wasn't me who was running through your head.
When you said you loved me that was just a part of your game,
You thought you could just get away with it and leave me the one to blame.
All those times you accused me of having another man,
YOU were the one guilty,
As guilty as you stand.
This is the lowest thing, I really never thought that you'd do again,
I now know that I was just a toy, Instead of your loving girlfriend.
What you've done to me has killed every part of my soul,
Thanks to the pain you've caused my heart will never again be whole.
How could you spend a whole year with someone who gives you their all,
Cheat on them, hurt them, Then watch them as they fall?
The thing is you know your goodlooking,
and you cant seem to keep your hands off other women when you're committted to one,
But you could have just left me a long time ago,
Instead of causing all the pain you have done.
Someday I hope your heart will shatter like you did to me,
I really wish that someday you will open your eyes to see.
That hearts are NOT toys, And its not 'COOL' to cheat on the one you're suppose to love.
You will regret cheating in your past,
Dont let it be me you think of....

Dedicated to the one who I committed my life, my heart, my soul and every piece of my body to and he tore it right out of my chest..Why is it people can't just have one person to love instead of being unfaithful and causing sooo much pain, only caring about themselves?

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