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How Could You

How can you talk about cheating
If that is how you live your life,
And how can you talk against lying
If all you did and taught was how to lie,
How can you talk about morality
When you have used so many men,
And how can you talk about honesty
If you have stole before, and once again,
How can you talk about your loyalty
When you talk behind everyone's back,
Even the ones who loved and cared for you
Whom you falsely judge, then accuse and attack.
How can you talk about being a good mother
When you leave your Children all alone,
And how can you be a good roll model for anyone
If your always in a different mans home.
How can you talk about God and religion
When you believe God himself doesn't exist
And how can you think people care for you
When you they will scratch off of their list.
I wander how a person just like you
Could really live with their soul and them self,
With the problems you have and the sins you know
While always blaming it on your Mother or anyone else,
But as the hours will come and the days will go
And as for myself I am happy with what I say and do
And in the times you enter my thoughts and mind,
I wall always say and think, “ How Could You.”

Randy L. McClave

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