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How Could You Do This?
KO (May 22 1990 / Evansvillie)

How Could You Do This?

The smell of the just smoked joint,
Intoxicates my lung
My boyfriend pulls me closer to him
I pull back and look into his bloodshot eyes
Did he think I wouldn't notice?
Did he think I wouldn't care?
As he tries to kiss my fatal lips,
I smell the mint he used to try to cover the smell with
The pot is to strong and overpowers the mint
And the cologne his body is smothered in
A single tear falls down my face
I wonder why he is doing this
He told me he had stopped and it herts
it hurts that he lied
It herts that he had the nerve to show up
Acting and looking high
What if he gets addicted
What if one day he O.D's
I turn around and run into the dark
I fall to my knees and ask why?
Why is he doing this?
Why did he lie?
Why didn't I lissen to what I was told?

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