How Dare You

Poem By Ivan Bolden

You mistreat me
Abuse and deceive me
Made yourself the sole authority
And from you I harness all this negativity
Was this truly meant to be?
Where is my cure?
Where is my Freedom?

You’ve cast me among the shadows
Left me in the dark
I now comprehend you reasoning though
You never intended to care from the start

Here I lay this broken body
Mistreated and used
Dismantled and confused
And to think the passion I had
Would be forsaken and defused.

I’ve grown from this transaction
And to my greatest satisfaction
You live unholy and dead
Cursed by what you’ve said
Now as I lift my head
And hold it high
You now ask why
Why you mistreated me
Abused and deceived me
The answer now is clear
It was all miscalculated act of superiority

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