How Dare You!

why are you doing this to me?
do you take joy out of toying with my heart?
why would you give me hope when you know you can never be my savior?
does my breaking heart amuse you?
do you ever stop and think about what shape my insides are in?
why do you give me hope just so you can take it and dash it?
do you know what I have been through?
do you think you can ever understand what it is to be me?
do you know how hard it is to be the dependable one?
do you know how lonely it gets when everyone around you depends on you?
don't you think I also need someone to depend on sometimes?
I bury my fears and sorrow deep inside me not because I want,
but because I have no one I can trust my emotions with
how do I get you to see that deep down my soul is in turnmoil without seeming crazy?
who will see my saddness and help me?
how do I get my fears heard without sounding a mess?
why would you make me miss you, when you know you can never be there when I need you?
whose hand will I hold when am weak?
who do I turn to when I feel less than adequate?
how dare you make me feel special and then just pack on a shelf when it suits you
I never asked for this
I had no expectations
I had no dilusions about a life together
how dare you put such thoughts in my head just so you can Rob me of my joy
why would you offend me in this way?
or did you not know that's what you are doing?
I never asked for your love, so why throw it at me just so you can shackel me with it?
what made you think it's ok to turn my heart upside down?
how dare you
how dare you do this to me
I deserve better

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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jazib thanks...I will read it right now
Wow! Great poetry, Elizabeth. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.