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How Did We Forget
DM (12-04-48 / Arlington Virginia)

How Did We Forget

How could this have happened
Where was the wrong turn
To love thy neighbor
in stone was burn

On the street we meet
the homeless and hungry
but instead of offering help
we pass by ever so briskly

We see another human
living a life of abuse
Yet we turn our head
and ignore the bruise.

The poor lost souls
drifting thru life with no resolve
Yet we justify lack of action
with 'I shouldn't get involved'.

The Lord put us here
to do his work
Not the other way around
so our duty we can shirk.

Yes our days are numbered
as the hairs on our head
Shouldn't we make every day count
and with our neighbor break bread.

The good Lord gave us
all free will
put it to good use
instead of being dormant and still

With each life situation
when you wonder how-to
Just ask yourself
What would Jesus do?


Snf9 Original
October 2004

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Comments (2)

A caring poem for those inflicted with a home's decay... but not all homeless, of their own accord-remain jobless. I have seen many standing on freeway on and off ramps, get money and shortly after, go to the liquor store for their begging reward. Purchase their booze, with little time to forlornly lose. If only many more would clean themselves up and go get a job... They'd forever no more, appear to be a useless slob. Lazyness only begets economic crazyness. This poem was a good poem of caring. God bless those who really do try. Michael Jeffrey Gale.
great poem, i wonder if you ever herd of RICH MULLINS.........