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How Do I Continue?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

How Do I Continue?

Poem By Mary Nagy

My every muscle hurts.
I fight my eyes for sight.
It seems my day just starts...I blink
and once again it's night.

Just let me please lie down my head.
I must just be too weak.
How can I accomplish all I must
when a nap is all I seek?

I burn the proverbial candle
of course both ends are lit.
Sometimes I feel I can hardly stand...
it's all I can do to sit!

It never seems to ease up
this pace of life full-tilt.
There's rarely time to smell the rose
before it starts to wilt.

God, help me through these rough times.
I promise to really try.
I promise that I won't give up.
I can't promise not to cry.

My tears so often cleanse me.
My soul just seems to ache.
I need your strength to hold me up.
Have pity for heavens sake!

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Comments (7)

Mary, this is sooooo well done. I love the line about smelling the roses... great poem! ! Brian
OMG mary you are a GREAT writer keep up the Great work Superman
Mary-I can relate so well to this poem. It really moved me. I love your style of writing and can tell you write from the heart.
Vivid, Just vivid. I like the title; It got me to read this whole poem. The title was the shell and I guess the poem was the precious pearl
Mary.....very nice indeed! Imaginative substance in quite a prolific description that denotes familiar impediments yet allows one a cryptic camouflag of arcane identities denied yet restored through prima facie dissimulation, prevarication and of course very good imagination! With kind thoughts, Louise Bizzari