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How Do I Feel
JAK ( / Culver City, CA, USA)

How Do I Feel

Poem By Jammey A. Kovaschetz

How do I feel,
Why don't I know,
Is this even real,
I don't know.
What am I saying,
This can't happen to me,
But what if it's true,
Hey, this isn't cool.
Where did I go,
Why didn't I know,
Why can't I feel,
Please tell me this isn't real!
What am I to do,
I don't have a clue,
I need some help,
That is true!
I got to go now,
I got to hide,
I'm sorry I did this,
I'm sorry I died!
But I ask one thing,
Now that I know this is real,
Just one little question,
How do I feel?

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Comments (2)

(continued) ..have you come out of hiding yet? i guess you did, as you sent me the cheery poem comment. maybe PoemHunter continues into Death with poets? i guess. to MyPoemList. now i'll read the other 50% of your posted poems. bri ;)
a bad trip? ? ? ! well, Jammey, we PROBABLY will all die; i'm not sure about ME. AND at least some of us are bound to feel (or NOT feel) as you were doing when you wrote this. how DID you die? ? car accident? lethal injection? suicide by asphyxiation? pneumonia? please don't say it was murder! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (to be continued) ..