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How Do I Thank You?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

How Do I Thank You?

I was driving by the park yesterday and saw that girl.
She was holding a beer while leaning back on some scroungy guy.
I remember when she was in your class in 5th grade...she's only 16.
Does her mother know this is what she does
mid-day on a Tuesday?

I heard another kid in your class dropped out.
Since when is a 9th grade education enough?
That makes how many that just dropped out...
because they 'don't like it'?

The girl in your 5th hour wasn't there all last week.
She was busy... giving birth.
She's old... considering she's in the 11th grade.
(Compared to the 7th grader that just had a baby 3 months ago.)

I want to scream WAKE UP everytime I see them in town.
The ones wearing the booty-shorts and tiny tank tops.
Who do I thank for my wonderful daughters?
Do I just thank God that I was blessed with you?
How can I thank you for being the young women that you've become?
When I see all that is going on around you...
I'm amazed by your strength.

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Comments (5)

Mary, another interesting glimpse into your world. An interesting tribute to the maturity of your daughters as well as you as a Mom (and of course, Dad) . Brian
And we are amazed by your caring heart and kind words.What fortunate Children you have, A mother with insight who is willing to show them the best way she knows how and all with a kind heart.Yes this can really change the world for the better.Love Duncan
More of an essay or mini-prose than a poem, but I like the sentiments.
Mary, this is a good poem.You don't just have to thank your daughters for being such good daughters, You should be thanked too. Cus it's because of you, they are who they are today. Nice poem, really.
And I am amazed as well. Very timely poem Mary and well done. Your poems say a lot about you and it is refreshing and uplifting to read them. I call them esperance poems. Best wishes, Herbert P.S.: Please check your inbox.