How Do U Seperate Real Things From False Things?

It's all questioned how you seperate the real from the fake-
The good from the bad, The happy from the sad?
But how can you seperate things or feelings you never had?

In terms it just means one is different from the other, or to a person you can sometimes relate because you made a mistake!

Though you may not get where im going, or where i've been-
What i've seen-
Relatively my history seems somewhat clean-
Yet my facial expression so mean!

How can you tell that im real or fake, a plate or a silver platter?
Does these things real matter?

To seperate the real from the fake takes ones mind to have walked the path that the opposing has walked or experienced; the demeanor of undergoing the truth from a lie, a fiction story to an non-fiction story seperates the real from the fake-
only because the mind recognizes dutches.....
by the way i forgot to mention lies that come to light to be the truth in the there you have it seperating the truth from a lie, or the real from the fake!

by Queen Taz

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