How Do You Do?

How-do-you-do, It?
It with a capital I.
I’ve been longing so to meet you,
Now I wonder why.
What is It in your make up
That attracted me to you?
Soon we will be tested,
I hope that you’ll be true.

How do you do It. Now?
Do you take the easy route?
Do you aim for what is nearest,
Close your eyes and shoot?
Or do you aim for stars atop
Pathways strewn with space junk?
Where navigation, luck and fate
Will see you float or sunk.

How do you do It. How?
Not whether, will or when.
Do you do it on your lonesome
Or do you cling to friend?
What value independence?
What value certainty?
The answer to this question
Must surely hold the key…

How do you do It?

by Helen Wilson

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A lovely weaving of words and questions. So clever on vagueness and the pursuit of precision/knowledge. Helen, you are a real poet. I like this a lot. It's so different!