SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

How Do You Know

how do you know when a
like is no longer a like but a love
when just thew sound of thier name
makes every nerve in your brain
go insane.

when thier very worst quality
makes you want them even more
when you lay in bed at night
and let your thoughts soar

you hate them and yet cant
help but love them

when is it a love?
its a love when the
picture of thier face shoves
every other thought out of
your brain

when you would do
anything and everything
for them

when you care more
for thier happiness than
your own

inspite of all that happened,
happens and will happen
you still want to be with them

how do you know when
a love is a love.
like is because love is inspite of

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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