How Do You Know When It's Over?

does a bright light turn on in your head?
or do bells and whistles sound loud?
do you tremble and shake all over?
do you stop seeing her face in a crowd?

does your heart stop beating her name?
is she no longer in every dream?
when your phone rings is it not her?
is your eye missing that gleam?

does your day go on without her?
does your face find a way to smile?
do your ears hear other voices?
your thoughts... do they reconcile?

do others now catch your eye?
are you tempted by girls you meet?
do you notice the time of day?
are you suddenly eager to eat?

do you travel a different path?
do you march to a different drum?
is the skip gone from your step?
do you finally stop missing her some?

do your arms feel full without her?
do your lips stop feeling her touch?
her name... is it not on your tongue?
do you stop thinking about her so much?

when you sing is she not in the song?
do you stop feeling high when you're sober?
is the sun not so bright in the sky?
how do you know when it's over?

by maggie signaigo

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