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How Do You Live With Yourself

Sometimes I think and I also wander
As I think of our world and everyone else,
But now I am thinking only of you
And I think, how can you live with yourself.
Are you happy with the things you have done
Will you be happy with the things that you will do
As I am happy to be remembered as I am
And tell me, will anyone say the same about you.
I have seen you lie yet so many, many times
And also seen you used so many sadden souls
And I was there to be used and also abused by you
And for no one but yourself do you have pity or woe.
You have played your roll so many sad times
Acting like you were the victim of a crime
But GOD will open up your heart one day
And then you and everyone will see who was lying.
As I think what examples will you have set
For your daughters and maybe yet their friends
Is it that vows and promises are meant to be broken
And if your not caught, it is not really a sin.
Are you ashamed when you walked down the street
Are you daughters embarrassed to call you mum
Do they tell you what their friends say and think about you
And do you know at the end of many jokes you are the pun.
Do you smile with the life that you are living
Are you happy with the life you and your girls live
Do you have them still believing the lies you tell them
As if you do, for them a deeper grave you will dig.
Judgment day for all it will come and then will go
And sadly for you your destination as been dealt
And when you gone, and yours daughters live on
Will they say, How did you live with yourself.

Randy L. McClave

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