How Does It Feel

Poem By Amber Mull

How does it feel to go through the tough
to be in my shoes
and learn tough love
to not get what you want
or even what you need
be forced to pay rent
and go without luxarys
How does it feel to now be broke
to have no freedome
how does it feel to be independant
to cook on your own
and take care of yourself once and for all
can you handle the tasks
you need to survive
the work you must do
and nesesitys you must buy
how does it feel to do what ive done
no more days of being a spoiled brat
with more then she needs
and money money beyond means

Comments about How Does It Feel

When you can see growth in the midst of pain it is awesome. Thanks for sharing my freind.
Who was kicked out... LOL...good disciption nesesitys must have...Ihank you..; ;)

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