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How Easy It Is
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

How Easy It Is

How easy it is to forget what's true when you feel the falsehood
The truth should expose it, it should
And yet you wallow, knowing what you really cannot escape
Is what is true, is light, there is no darkness it's fake
It's a fabrication
A child of your depression
How easy it is to forget thousands of years of truth
When faced with ten seconds of hurt and of feeling
You believe there is no hope, and no healing
When the solution has always been there for you right inside
The inside, which you claim is darkness, it's really pure light
And not for no reason, but for love.

How easy it is to forget the greatest love midst the cheapest sorrow
Please forgive me for this folly for I am a fool
Simply because it's easier.

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