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How Far We Have Come
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

How Far We Have Come

Poem By George Wootton

With heart heavy-laden I remember back when
things were much different way back then.
When neighbors were neighbors for miles around,
not just some other person living in the same town.
We cared for each other with genuine love,
gave thanks for our blessings from our God above.

We prayed to God for our country,
designed our rules by His Word,
to suggest that we descended from monkeys
was absolutely absurd!
We stood proud of our country, defended our flag,
came together in unity when she started to sag.

We had respect for our leaders both present and past,
fought against evil so our freedom could last.
We used 'common sense' as our guidelines,
weren’t always 'politically correct',
didn't let our children and old folks
die from abuse and neglect!

In our schools we learned history,
so as not to repeat past mistakes,
we took advise from the old folks,
our paths easier t'would make.
We prayed to God for good fortune,
thanked Him daily for His love,
didn't slaughter each other
and spill their life's blood.

Men worked for their living, for their family to keep,
not making careers out of welfare or sell themselves cheap.
Honor, integrity, honesty above all,
men died for ideals lest their good name should fall.
It strikes fear in my heart to read the headlines today,
'The ten commandments are outlawed' our faith in God has decayed.
There are no absolutes, nothing wrong, nothing right,
do whatever one wishes, the strongest only survive.

Life has no value, the hero is death,
the young find it exciting to take their last breath!
Hatred feeds violence and ignorance abounds,
rejection of all godly council and truth shall be found.
This nation, this world shall soon be consumed
by the wrath of Jehovah for He is coming back very soon!
His judgment is swift for those denying his name,
He's not 'politically correct' and he don't play that game!

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