How Free Are We?

We rely on technology,
How worthless are we?
When it comes to life,
Nothing's for free.

We've got nothing else to do,
And everything I do reminds me of you.
We're wasting our time,
And wasting our lives, too.

As I sit here,
Waiting in fear,
A chill flows through my body;
He is near.

I say goodbye,
As I wait to die.
He comes nearer still,
As I begin to cry.

I feel his cold breath on my skin,
We must now pay for our sins.
He beckons me closer,
Hell, I am going in.

He's sucking the life out of me,
Black is all I see.
A grin appears on his face,
But now, I am free.

by Stacy Co.

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We are not that free & to be free costs us more then we know at times