You're not here and I miss you
you’re far away, know that I love you.
I long to hold you, to touch you
My eyes filled with shimmering dew
I cry because I miss you so much

I long for your gentle touch,
and your warm embrace
to gaze lovingly into your eyes.
My lips are quivering with desire
I want to kiss you so badly it hurts

I wish I was with you right now
every night, and all of the days
though many miles keep you from me
know that in my heart and soul, I love you.

by Laura Anne

Comments (5)

Beautiful words. Our earth is so glorious, inspiring and free to view so much. We need to nurture it just as it has been us. Thank You
Yes, Mother Earth is happy because according to Tagore, every new born comes with a message that God is not yet frustrated with the humans.
The most joyful hour alights, wonderful written, thanks for sharing the poem with us
A collective resolve of mankind can ensure the return of the Paradise Lost. Thanks and Congrats. Oh, wake up Mankind wake up And see and wipe her tears to cheer up
wears the sun and the moon, beautiful