How He’s Grown…

Furry faced and scruffy
towering over me,
he hides his eyes
To smile invites his apprehension
so he looks the other way,
but sees I’m here

Always aware, he follows,
just one pace behind
timid, yet persistent
a shadow in my mind
Vigilant, he’s keeping track…
making me anchor of his world
and I’m indebted for the chance
delivered me, within a word

His infancy has vanished,
the silken skin is gone
The baby smell, that all was well,
though now recalled, has flown
In the place of toddler-hood
and innocence at play
a giant one has come to dwell,
intending that he stay

Yet still, in fleeting flashes,
I have the chance to glimpse
the gentle lad beneath facades,
blasé and discontent
and treasure every moment,
each precious, priceless jewel
and hold him close, when he allows,
thinking me a fool

I know he loves me

by Betty Jo Hilger

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