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How I Discribe My Poems
LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

How I Discribe My Poems

Poem By Liz Munro

Vomit is how i discribe my poems,
it reflects my mood from the heart,
whatever i'm feeling, it all just comes out,
and some poems are angry, happy and sad,
but after they're written i feel really glad.

To creativily get these thoughts out is release,
it exposes the facade,
gets to the real me underneath.

If you don't like my poems -
that's o.k.
they refect how i'm feeling
on that particular day.


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Comments (3)

Bravo! Bob Dylan described Like A Rolling Stone as vomit, I can't remember the exact phrase he used.
Interesting first line - it's as good a metaphor for writing as any other - certainly better than James Joyce's in Ulysses. There is an element of outpouring in all writing, but it's how you channel it that counts.
So how is your mood today Liz, thinking like a wiz Liz?