How I Feel..

Everyday I feel sad,
I feel I am going mad.

I feel the whole world is against me,
Locking me up with a key.

I wont let anyone inside.
I just want to curl up, cry and die.

I wish people would understand me more,
Than for me to harm myself more and more.

I bleed until I nearly die,
I am wondering why why?

I am screaming out for help,
But no one cares asking someone to
Help me and answer my prayers.

I want everything to be ok,
But, everything seems to stay grey and dull.

Please mum help me please, I am begging on my knees.

I want you to be there for me,
And listen to what I have got to say not to disagree.

Cutting my wrists every other night,
Hoping everything will be alright.

The night before I cut my skin,
I have got to bear and grin.

Tears fill my eyes,
To other people my feelings are filled with lies.

Only I know what I am feeling inside,
I just want to hide.

Why does everyone’s life seem perfect and mines a wreck?

Every time I look in the mirror I fill with hate,
Looking at all my weight.

Kids use to throw things and shout names to my face,
Making sure I felt like a disgrace.

Wanting to be alone is that wrong?
I want to work out were I belong.

Can anyone hear my voice?
Or do you ignore it by choice.

I want my mum back again,
So she can help my fight the pain.

I feel as my life is at an end,
And then I wont need to pretend.

by emily hinton

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WOW awesome... cool that we have the same (sorta) name too.
Powerful, provocative, proactive prose.