How I Hate Thee

Oh how I hate thee, with every fibre an granule within me.
Why do you pester me soo,
Why do not let me be?
I try and try again yet my shouts and screams fall on deaf ears.

Oh how I hate thee
You follow mw where ever I go, insisting on driving me crazy!
You push and push till I break
cause confusion in our lives

I can not hold her without cringing
You have ruined all that is pure and sacred
You take pleasure in our misery and tears
Do you not see that you are not needed nor desired.

Wake up in the morning and know you are near
Wish I could kill thee
But I do kill thee every night in my dreams
I watch as you suffocate from your blood, as you cry
Yes you cry within my grip.

Oh how I hate thee

by palesa deejay manaleng

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Oh, so beautiful.. I so relate to this piece..: -) Brilliant write! I've rated it 10: -)