MT (July / Kentucky)

How I Long For Your Touch

seeing you with her makes me want to fall on the floor and die. i wanted so bad to be with you, but yet everytime, you ran back to her and left me all alone to cry. i was a girl you could be happy with. not be aggrivated every night with the drama. i want to hold you one more time, and kiss your soft lips. prove my love for you is true. but everytime you would somehow prove to me that you wernt worth my time, my tears, my heart. & no matter how bad you hurt me, or how much i cried, i would always forgive in hopes that one day you would be mine forever. i loved you with everything i had, but that didnt mean much to you. no longer will i cry at night and wish we were together, i will live as if you existed, as if you never broke my heart.

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nice prosaic poem 10
oh my... i can completely relate to this seeing that it' s something i've just been through for the first time. thank you for sharing