How I Long

Earth was once a foundation of beauty.
Created for the human race to digest and acknowledge.
Green pastures, animals grazing on their fodder.
Children sat in sunshine making daisy chains.
Magnitude of country-side that extended for miles.
Flowers to admire and not to be unearthed.

Earth is no longer a foundation of beauty.
Human race as seen to that!

Animals grazing in green pastures rarely exists.
For in their place are factories, high rise flats and tips.
Daisy chains are no longer made as children loiter,
Drinking alcohol, waiting for their next fix.
Country-side that was once extended was short existence.
Now you take a stroll in a run down park, quite unpleasant.

How I long to go back to those days of beauty.
I now exist in a world of ominous, human race as seen to that!

by Deborah Ashdown

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When I went to Austria in June 1992 for our honeymoon, I was absolutely amazed at it's beauty of tradition and common interest for nature and the human well-being.I feel that so much could be learned from experiences like these.Love Duncan