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How I Met Him, How He Left Me
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How I Met Him, How He Left Me

It all started with the phone
I really didn't know you
Didn't dream of meeting you at all
But with just one text message
That came out wrong
We suddenly connected

Since then we've talked on the phone
We never miss a day without talking
It's either you text or you call
Every night I waited for you
I loved every minute I spent with you

Then a girl came between us
And everything changed
I dreaded this to happen
Although we still talk every day
It doesn't feel the same

Three weeks has passed
You two became a couple
I lied when I said I was happy
You just have no idea of the pain I was feeling
Back then I didn't understand myself
Why I think of you every single day
A day won't be complete without hearing your voice
I refuse to think it was love

After a week there has been a problem
She fell out of love; you cried for her; I cried for you
I lied to myself before
But now I'm admitting I love you
Yet I still didn't feel happy

Christmas came, New Year went by
You got a new girl
Part of me was glad to know
That you got over the girl I hated
But part of me was hurting
For in just a little space of time
You found someone new already
Will I ever get a chance to be with you?

January, February, March
You and the girl are getting stronger
I was already losing hope
Few months passed
With that last phone call
You left me all alone
Crying and wanting more
And as easy as that
All our connections, all our memories
Ended up where it all started -the phone

-this is a story of me and my first love

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