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How I Wonder? ? ?
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

How I Wonder? ? ?

How I wonder what you are...
How I wonder who you are...

Can you be real or make believe?
Or am I just hoping and wishing you to be.

Beauty from your heart in the form of love...
Is that to much to ask from the god above.

Sometimes I lay in wake at night..
Knowing you surely must be far from sight.

Giving myself time to rest and reflect on my life, for it hasn't been the best.

Then I wonder...
Is he kind..
Will he be gentle, sincere & all mine.

How I wonder when will meet maybe by accident in the street.

Until that day I will wonder still...
And keep my eyes open and watch for you till..

I see that beauty shine from your heart..
And wonder no more..when you take my heart.

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