~how Im Feeling Right Now... (B)

i havent known you for too long.
but something led me to think,
your just the right one.

maybe its not what it seems,
maybe its just another game,
but its love.. our love.

i wish to be completely honest.
keep it simple with us being faithful.

i stand here spilling my guts right out to you.
Yes, im in love with you.
Yes, i think your absolutly amazing.
and Yes.. i've fallen completely in love..

dont worry, cuz babe, i wont cheat.
i wont lie, i wont go flirtin around..
my heart is where your at.
my love is what ill give.
baby, its just you and me.
everything else is history.

i know, we havent dated long.
but i needed you to know
whats going on.
what im feelin towards you..
its a whole new song.

with every word you say,
its a new path way.
im glad we're going down this road together.
cuz, i wouldnt know what to do..
without you im just another lost soul in the crowd.
ready to be shut down.

just wanted you to know..
thats how im feeling right now.

by Dislocated Heart

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I think this is very beautiful... it feels as if one was listening to your heart speaking about its true feelings... I've read the other pieces and in my opinion you should choose this one :) wonderful work :)