I See Hope

I see hope
Singing a sweet melody
On a dangerous terrain
Between waves of jagged bridge
Unprecedented sturdiness - ebony
The reign and rays of hope
Muriel: thou June Angel
Find me a colourful ovation
Sometimes, someday...

Equilibrium entity ringed
Casting a hollow circle
Upon the dregs of society
Conk out treat for iniquity
Violate thine thirty-two openings
Free feel for freedom
Paroxysm no more
Oh teem of inspiration
One day, come back hope.

No teeter, all need thee
Instructions via telepathy
Tattle fringes - tautology
Palaeography, teach me not
But solely new hopes
Real assurance; palaver?
Palindrome not palpable
Strong panacea cures palpitation
Save for thine moribund.

by Saanumi ikujuni

Comments (4)

this is not the whole poem.
Full version: during my worst times on the park benches in the jails or living with whores I always had this certain contentment- I wouldn't call it happiness- it was more of an inner balance that settled for whatever was occuring and it helped in the factories and when relationships went wrong with the girls. it helped through the wars and the hangovers the backalley fights the hospitals. to awaken in a cheap room in a strange city and pull up the shade- this was the craziest kind of contentment and to walk across the floor to an old dresser with a cracked mirror- see myself, ugly, grinning at it all. what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.
Ah, yes. Ditto, good sir.
A certain 'go with the flow' approach to life, I think, may have helped sustain him.