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How It Used To Be Us...

i used to smile at you when you look at me
and consider that as my only remedy

i used to laugh at your jokes so hard i cry
as you laugh with me with playfulness in your eyes

i used to dance with you in the rain
just like the song.. like we were insane

i used to copy your notes every other time
so that you'll give the doorbell another chime

i used to take you out for lunch
so that, even for a little, i can give you a hunch

that i don't wanna go out with anyone else but you
even if you don't seem to have a clue

i used to watch you die for someone else
and live your life in such a mess

but as much as you used to lock your world in a jar
i used to love you from afar...

by aislemyth

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You know your way with words which is a good inside into poetry. Keep up the good work! ! !
I loved this but Chicky Babe said it all 'go for it'