How Joyous Is That Song Sung?

Is there really a freedom that comes,
When one is released from the fear
Of obstacles?
Isn't that experience secretly enjoyed,
In one's life?
To awaken each day to face created challenges?
If they are gone...
How joyous is that song sung?

Doesn't it become monotonous,
To eventually sing the same tune endlessly?
To then begin feeling guilty about continuous joy felt?
And becoming afraid to express it,
Knowing someone will be annoyed by this?

There seems to be more happiness shared,
Between those who are depressed.
At least they are not moaning alone.
They seem to be together,
In a bonded collectiveness.

But when one is laughing...
And no one else is around?
A staring is done.
And it is difficult to determine,
If this is resentment.
Or expressions of sympathy given.
Especially if the laughter done increases.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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