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How Lonely Do You Feel?
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

How Lonely Do You Feel?

When times are bad and you have no friends
When the hopes of life lead to dead ends
When all your surroundings have nothing to give
And you can’t imagine life the way you live
When on your knees you bend and you kneel
How lonely do you feel?

When time goes by and you can’t keep pace
When the world laughs at your weary face
When all that you thought had belonged to you
Turns into trash, your happiness too
When life takes the fruit and leaves the peel
How lonely do you feel?

When all those things that once were yours
Go by like the ticking hours
When you’ve got nothing, no one to turn to
When all your people have betrayed you
When you are left with no joy, no zeal
How lonely do you feel?

When life is more of a terror than a test
When you get nothing though you try your best
When you are numb and you find not a wound healing
When you are a bird without any wings
When in the game of life you’ve lost the deal
How lonely do you feel?

When you find a person in such a state
Go up to him, do not wait
Let this question go on like a wheel
Ask him, “How lonely do you feel? ”

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Comments (5)

BeauBEAUTIF Written. So many are feeling this way... Still hoping it will change.
BEAUTIFULLY Written.... So many seniors that I know are feeling this way... Children are to busy to visit anymore! ! ! Still hopin
Wonderful VK and thank you for sharing your talent. x
This poem hit me spot on.. coz this is how it feels to be lonely....
very lonley...............