How Long......

When will you see the fire in my eyes,
When will you see that these are not lies,
Not understanding why you can't believe me,
Not understanding why you can't treat me,
The way I should be treated,
My love for you will never be defeated,
When will you see that I'm not leaving,
When will you learn that I'm not deceiving,
Give me a chance thats all I'll ever ask,
Stop caring what other people think and take off your mask,
Please don't hide your love for me so,
For if you do you'll never get to know,
What it really feels like to be in love,
And get treated like a queen from the heaven above,
So in this I ask you this,
Just right before i give you your last kiss,
Why such fear of holding me till the night turns black,
Why such a fear to kiss me back,
Why can't you open up to me,
Why can't you just see,
That Your my angel from heavens above,
And I'll Always feel this hurting love,
That hits my heart deep,
So that i can't even sleep,
All i want is your never-ending passion,
Of which burns inside you in a orderly fashion,
Don't hide how you feel,
Let your feelings become real.

by david winkler

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