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How Long

I sit here alone in the night
wondering what is wrong with me
no one ever cares nor will they ever
there's a hole in my heart waiting to be filled
I fight back the tears
hoping no one will notice
while at the same time I wish they would
Why doesn't anyone notice?
Why can't they see me for me?
and not some rumor that everyone believes
Do I need to change? should I change?
I used to think not
but now I'm not so sure
they all rush past acting like I don't exist
maybe I don't
maybe I don't allow myself to
What do i need to do to make you notice?
just once, one time
I want to feel like i belong
my heart is empty and it waits
for how long I ask...
a year? a month? tomorrow?
to me it seems lke an eternity
By: Allissa

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