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How Long?
KB (SePTeMBer,18 1983 DEath i Believe i am ImMorTal / a S M a R a)

How Long?

How long is a second
If you are lost in the sea
And you see no land

How long is a minute
If you faint.

How long is a day
If you have nothing to say

How long is a week
If you are sick

How long is a month
If things ain’t smooth

How long is a year
If you have fear

And how long is life
If you live it in strife.

June 2005

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Comments (8)

Ooooh! How long I wonder! ! I love it when poems make me think - this one certainly did! Moyax
As Long as it takes Love dave xxxx
Konjit, Now this one does strike me as maudlin. However that doesn't take away the fact that this is a beautiful work. Denis Joe
A beautiful poem, which is both simple and deep - a rare acheivment. Regards David
This is quite beautiful Konjit....it's simple and complex at the same time and I normally don't like questions in poetry but these ones weren't bashing me on the head :)
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