How Love Survives

He was there right before
Before I fell to the floor
He was there when my heart was cold
And he took and made it warm

I was there every time
I was there when he threatened his life
I was there to take the knife
I was there to tell him it’s alright

We were together every night
We loved each other as if nothing better would come into this life
We were perfect
We would sit and laugh

He was my world
I was his happiness
He was my dreams
I was is light

We would fall asleep together
We would become one within time
As for me I would become entangled
And he would bask in my thoughts

I know why
Why people end
They end because of all the fear we burry with in
And I know why I made it with him

We were what was right
We were all that mattered when it came night
My fear was deep but, he eased it away
And I saw right through him and that’s how love survives these days

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