How Many?

How many before him
He wanted to know
She thought before answering
Did she want him to go?
If the number is too high
Is he likely to leave?
If the number is too low
Will he even believe?

How many? , she wondered
How many more tears?
Must she cry to forget?
How many more years?
Will she ever run out?
Or will new ones replace
The gallons of memories
She wiped from her face

How many more poems?
How many more words?
How many more nouns?
How many more verbs?
Iambic pentameter
Is harder to write
Rhyming is a battle
Harder to fight

How many more shoes
Must she buy to pretend
That she’s happy…fulfilled
Will the cycle not end?
A new pair of Nikes
If the day is too tough
Jimmy Choo pumps
If that isn’t enough

How many confessions
To make herself clean
Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s
Absolution between
But sin found a way to her
Like a sot to a drink
And clung to her aura
Like indelible ink

How many around her
Must die…won’t she learn?
She’s dodging the bullet
When is her turn?
Their possessions and money
Surround her like a jail
And she’s an easy target
Like the head of a nail

by maggie signaigo

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