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How Many Chances?

If I was given another chance can I do better.
How often I wish for another chance.
If another chance came I would make a better beginning.

A chance to rubb out the awful mistakes that I have made.
If I had made any?
I am sure I have.
I am not perfect, just give me a chance,
to make the failure into something better.

How many chances do I get to show you that I am trying real hard?

Does it take a special time to make a brand new start?
There is a deep desire to do this with all my heart.
If I given another chance I will try a lot better
and to always live for the living moment.

I will always forgive for those who need
be forgiving, and to add a little more 'sunshine'
to the world in which I’m trying to live.

So I will never give up in my despair.
I think of what I been through.
I know there will always be a tomorrow and a chance to start a new.

If given a chance....

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