(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

How Many? (Children)

Mommy, how many fish in the ocean?
How many peas in a pod?
How many steps up to Heaven
would there be if I went to see God?

How many kisses are too many?
How many bees in a swarm?
How many teeth will fit in my mouth?
How many snowflakes in a storm?

If it takes one night to count fireflies,
would it take two nights to count stars?
How many roads can there be in a mile?
How many miles is too far?

How many hairs are on my head?
Why did Daddy’s hairs all fall out?
If I count all day long then get tired,
how many numbers am I able to count?

How many rocks in a mountain?
How many shells on a beach?
How many hugs am I missing
'cause Grammy lives where I can't reach?

How many bricks in that building?
How many leaves in a tree?
How do you count how old someone is
if you only can count what you see?

When I get big, I’ll be a teacher.
I’ll show kids how to count every way.
Mommy, if I do teach them counting,
how many kids can I teach every day?

I wish I could know every number.
I’m gonna try - it’s fun to do!
There are so many things to be counted...
but only one me and one you.

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