How Many Of You?

When I can't sleep instead of counting sheep
i count my friends: 1-2-3-
And, I feel content and, very blessed
and, fall asleep instantly
because, even though my friends are few
at least, I know, they're genuine

Some people delude themselves
into thinking
that they are very popular
Others boast a host of friends

But, how confident are they that
all or any of their friends are genuine?
Could some or most of them be fair weather friends?

Try getting sick
Out of pocket
Or down on your luck
and, see how many of your so-called friends
stick by you

Those and other questions should keep many thinking
and, loosing sleep and, counting sheep far into the night

As for me
i can sleep easy
because all my friends have been tried and tested
and not a single one of them has been found wanting

How many of you can say the same thing
with such confidence?


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