How Many Tears Are Left In My Eyes

How many tears are left in my eyes?
Why do I laugh when I really want to cry?
I wonder why I get up everyday
When in the end it will turn out the same way
I ask myself if I should keep trying
Inside, I feel my heart is dying
It’s as if I’m invisible to you
It’s like nothing I do ever gets through
I want to give up and say that it’s the end
But I know my heart will never mend
How come you’ll talk to her but won’t talk to me
It’s not that hard, I’ll show you, you’ll see
How come everyone tells me that it’s not supposed to be this way?
But in the end it doesn’t matter what they say
How come you find it so easy to break my heart?
I bet you don’t even realize that we’ve grown apart
Maybe this was just fate or destiny
Maybe I’ve just been living in a fantasy
Everyday I ask myself why
Everyday I lock myself in my room to cry
How much longer can we live in secrets and lies
How many tears are left in my eyes?

by M.A. Ces

Comments (3)

Best poem EVER. i love it. I know how you feel in this, good perspective
Definitely the best poem you've wrote!
AWWWWWWWWWW no seriously that was the best poem ive ever read